Monday, 14 January 2013

I really hated it !

Hi ,

My blogs will be mainly about yoga , or... at least I will try to stick to that theme.
I just thought it would be nice to share my experience with this ancient THING , so may be some of you can be inspired and try it , or  may be see it from a  different perspective , or just ,may be, my blogging may amuse you and make you laugh or annoy you.
I also will tell you how I never liked yoga or anybody doing it or even talking about it..  It( I mean by ''it'' yoga ) has been following me all my life ,with patience and loving persistence ,which in the days I didn't realized at all. I say loving persistence because it  wonderfully Ha(!)PPENED to me in one of the most difficult periods in my life(so far) and actually saved my life !'' It '' gave me total support ,new (out)look ,yes even physically i look better than before, new understanding and loads of courage !!!... It taught me to transform and with that to live fully , or otherwise said , yoga taught me how to be happy while I am dying ,don't get me wrong , I mean this in a good way . Because we are dying with the very same breath we are actually inhaling so we can live , right? ....So it is all a point of view and it's better to see it from the positive side ....But any way , I will also tell you how I love yoga and  how annoying I can be talking about it !

So let me stop here .
I need to sleep now ...sleep is important ;-)  

Good night x

Sleep well beautiful yogis !
Namaste !

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